Our chocolates

Availability varies according to the season and the different productions

You will be able to see here, many of our chocolate creations and you realize our great diversity of chocolates. At a special event, you can order a box of mixed chocolates or come and taste its different flavors, either at the farm kiosk or on order. 


Allergy Alert: Take note that all our chocolate products may have been in contact with nuts.


Varied box

Here is an example of a box containing many of our blended chocolates.


Fresh fruit chocolate

How to enjoy fresh fruits this season? Taste our famous blueberry chocolates coated with dark chocolate!


Cherry chocolate

Our classic and unctuous blend of cherry cream topped with a cherry grown in our orchards.


Orange Mouse

A semi-sweet dark chocolate, garnished inside a light orange cream.


Chocolate with mistelle

A dark chocolate containing a ganache with cherry mistelle '' Le vent du nord ''.


Coconut truffle

A creamy coconut cream, surrounded by dark chocolate.

truffe beurre arachide

Peanut butter truffle

A dark chocolate couverture coats a creamy peanut butter, which in turn is covered with pieces of peanuts.


Maple truffle

Truffle containing maple butter, covered with maple sugar.


Truffe à l'orange

Chocolate and orange have always been a perfect wedding!


Honey and biscuit flowers

A flower containing a mixture of biscuit and honey, concocted in orchards.


Blueberries cream

What's better than a blueberry chocolate for our beautiful region?


Coffee pyramid

A full-bodied black coffee ganache wrapped in dark chocolate.

Other processed products

The packaging of these products is made of organic plastic and compostable

Chive flower vinegar

A chive flower vinegar made from our orchards. There are flavors of vinegar incorporating the taste of chives. It can be used in the same way that you use your regular vinegar. Try it on a salad or marinate meats with this one.